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    Provides excellence in academic and non-academic activities so as to mould a child into a wholesome personality . The School is committed in providing an exceptional education menu for children to easily transition their learning process to schools & universities worldwide .

    Policy & Procedure

    All pupils must participate in all school activities, pupil must be in correct uniform.


    Pupils are excepted at all times to behave obediently and respectfully towards the teachers and other staff members in the school. They are to show gentleness and courlesy towards their fellow pupils. Vulgar lamguage, screaming and noisy behaviour are not allowed.


    Pupils may not leave the school compound without prior permission from the vice-principal or class teacher. In case ther is a need; a gate pass will be issued and the pupil will sign in the school office.


    All text books and exercise books should be coverred with suitable paper and well labeled. They should be treated with care and kept clean. any pupil who damages a book will be asked to replace it with a new one.


    The school diary shall be issuied to all students of the school which must be brought to school everyday and must be produced by the students as when required by the teachers. Parents must check the dairy of the wards in order to check and assess their overall performances including their attendance.


    Parents must furnish their contact number, their residential address and their authorized signatures in proper space provided in the dairy. Further, the full address of the local guardian will be furnised in the dairy, if necessary.


    No leave shall be granted to the students unless the leave application is sent by legitimate parents/guardians with their authentic signatures stating the facts with genuine ground requesting for the grant of leave application.


    The school shall not be responsible for any untoward incident that may happen to s student before or after school hours.


    No students are allowed to undertake for any excursion, tracking,hiking, or sports without the permission of the school authority. However educational tours for exposure of students are always welcomed within the parameter of administration.


    No student shall indulge in political or any anti-social activities.


    Pupils muat treat school property with care at all times and must keep the classrooms and school environment clean at all times.


    Any pupil responsible for damaging school property af any kind or the property of other pupils must pay for the repairs or replacement.


    Pupils are expected at all times to be in correct uniform with simple hair style well near short hair for the boys.


    Undesirable magazines,books,novels,DVDs,I-Pods,CDs or vidieos may never be brought into school.Mobiles phones and any other electronics devices should not be brought to schools either.Once these are confiscated they will not be given back to the owner.


    Pupils should speak English in school at all times because it is the medium of communication. Good condust is expected in and out of school, during the education trips, and holidays.


    School Fees should be paid regularly.Any child whose fees would not have been paid regularly amd cleared within the given span of time will be sent out of class or Rs. 10 will be charges as a fine per day.


    Parents who plan to transfer their children to other schools are required to give a one month notice to the school and return all the textbooks to the librarian before clearing.No refunds of school fees will be made.


    Parents are expected tp co-operate the school by enforcing self-control and discipine by maintaining a positive encouragement to their child/children's academic progress.


    Parent may not seek interviews with teachers during class hours unless permission is sought out through appoinmnet.Teachers may not leave their classrooms during a teaching period.


    Parents are requested to see their children attend school punctually and they are collected punctually at tle school closing time.


    Parents are also requested to check the pupil's written exercises and to sign them daily and if the exercises are not signed by the parents/guardians afterward pupil shall be charged a fine of Rs. 5/: per day by the school autuhorities.If an exercise is careless or untidy it should not be signed untilit has been carefully redone. All memory work is important and should not be overlookes.


    The principal in consultation with the staff reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any pupil whose conduct and progress are unsatisfactory.


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    Dear Parents


    We are on the brink of sta5g a new school. If s a great challenge because schools are like places of worship - once started, they are never abandoned. In them we teach and learn not only science, mathematics, history, geography but also values, tolerance, humility - in short- everything. Here a child's attitude is developed which, in today's very competitive world decides the path that the child will take. There are only a few pen and paper exams that one takes in life but we are tested every day on the battlefield of life. One is tested for honesty, hard work, values, and also for looking for rainbows in the sky. And to win these battles, we need to have the right attitude. Good schools build not only knowledge - but also the right attitude in a child.


    Schools must teach children to win and lose gracefully. They must teach what the Dalai Lama so rightly said "When you lose -don't lose the lesson". Math, English, Science etc are taught in every school. They are all taught in a particular way. Everything has changed - but teaching methodologies haven't!! Classrooms still have teachers teaching with the help of blackboards, chalk and dusters with an add on of interactive boards!! And then schools test children as if they all have exactly the same kind of brains!! But we are not going to be an 'every' school. We believe that all children have different skills and as such we will cater to the varied needs of all our children.


    "Consistency and patience are two virtues which are nearly forgotten in today's fast world. Everyone wants everything "fast". But success is a slow process for it to be long lasting. We must try to teach our children that patience is important. I would like to quote Friederich Nietzsche who said."

    "He who wants to fly one day, must first learn to stand, and walk, and run, and climb and dance. One can not fly into flying". "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step".


    As we take our first steps, I welcome you to join us!!

    Rachit Nema