This is a fun tool to learn mental arithmetic with, and is only used to perform arithmetic calculations easily and quickly. Abacus Math helps a child to develop the right brain without a doubt and can also help one to develop one's inner abilities like concentration, speed, memory, accuracy, and learning ability.

Science Park


The science park has fully operational models that allow the scientific experimentation come live and handy to the child. The children enjoy participating.. the models and experimenting with them.


Activity Lab


Considering the changing times and at-home lifestyle, the onus of holistic development of a child lies with the school much more than ever. Apart from academic tuitions, schools now have to push their boundaries in terms of what all activities can they incorporate to facilitate a generation of smart, educated, and well-prepared kids, who can contribute towards the betterment of the society as a whole.




Herbal Garden


In the world where concrete jungles are growing faster our children find less exposure to the nature's bounty. The school hosts a botanical garden that has some of the rare varieties of plants and a range, medicinal plants.


e-Learning Classroom


Classrooms are equipped with the e-learning facility through Interactive Boards The facility provides multi-media approach to the regular classroom teaching atl the children explore further learning arenas through the wide range of interactive lessons exercises, quiz, worksheets a. such material in an electronic form This reduces the writing me for both the student as well as the teacher and allows optimal interactivity in classrooms.




Aimed at developing high order thinking and developing the 8 levels of multiple intelligence in child brain cafe provides the child an opportunity to 'learn by doing'. The facility provides access to about 250 working models that involve the child in building on simple reasons and scientific learning. T. children have fun in exploring the models, and the process instills in the child a sense of logical thinking and ultimately creates a spark of inquisitiveness.


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